Broken Logo Syndrome: 5 Top Symptoms



Here’s the top 5 – actually 6, with some solutions to alleviate the terrible effects of BLS!



#1: Pixelated Logo

This can take many forms. That poster you made where deep down you knew your logo was not going to be high-res enough. That PowerPoint where you wanted to show a bunch of your competitors and just pulled logos from the web – sure, that presentation was great until your boss had you print it out. It is very common that a logo – especially a complex one – gets made for a business card or initial marketing materials, and works perfectly fine. Then as the company grows, there are more and more ways in which the logo is used and a logo makeover is required, even if the actual logo design stays the same. We’ve helped several clients with this. Most importantly, for most designs we can create vector art which will make your logo resolution independent. You’ll never have to worry about scaling up your logo too much for that poster.


#2: Logo Stuck to a Background

You can’t do anything cool ‘design wise’ because it is stuck onto a white or colored rectangle. We can help set your logo free!


#3: Colors Don’t Match

Your logo needs PMS – no, not that PMS, but the Pantone Matching System. PMS and similar color-matching systems help keep your colors consistent from web to print to video to mobile to t shirt – you get the idea. With digital printing becoming more and more popular, and software such as Adobe Creative Suite continually increasing color accuracy, Pantone Colors are not as popular as they once were, however anyone serious about consistency should consider a 3rd party matching system like this.


#4: Squeezed or Stretched Logo

Many times, often far from a company’s creative department, print collateral is hastily created, and logos are forced into cramped little spots or even stretched out to fill empty space. This is of course tragic from a designer’s perspective. If you’ve been using a disproportionate logo, and can’t track down the original, let us know, we can rebuild it.


#5: Colors not Displaying Correctly

It’s likely that it’s not in the proper format for your application – CMYK, web, vector, etc. Print, Web, Video, and Mobile all have their own requirements. When having a logo designed, be sure to get all the formats you need and also a style guide for your brand.


BONUS #6: Out of Date Logo

Your logo was designed years ago and in order for your brand to look fresh, up to date, and competitive, you simply need a redesign. Some industries can maintain classic type and service marks for decades, while others need more frequent changes. If your logo looks ‘old,’ ask yourself, does that quality add value and authority to your brand? Does it separate you from the pack….in a good way?


Got more Symptoms of Broken Logo Syndrome? Let us know!


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